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The UV LED Handbook

2012 - For decades, UV curing has relied on mercury based lamps to cure a wide range of inks, coatings, and adhesives. The commercialization of solid-state UV LEDs has begun to replace conventional lamps in many industrial and commercial processes and to enable many new applications for UV curing. This handbook explores the evolution of UV technology and details the advantages, challenges, and future of these new light sources. It is intended to be a useful reference for both veteran UV users and those who are new to the technology.

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The UV LED Handbook - Second Edition

2019 - An updated version of the widely successful UV LED Handbook will be released in 2019. Copies can be ordered through this website following release. Second Editions generally require at least 15% new content. So much has been learned, discovered, and improved upon with respect to UV LED technology since the First Edition. As a result, this release is expected to be a stand alone replacement with the majority of the book being completely rewritten. The Second Edition will be a valuable resource for both new and experienced users of UV curing and LED technology.

Coming Soon
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