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UV Curing Science

Understanding the fundamentals of UV curing is essential for application development, supplier selection, system integration, process and quality control, and trouble shooting. Eminence UV offers complimentary online content explaining the process of photopolymerization and the basics of UV output including peak irradiance (Watts/cm2), energy density (Joules/cm2), spectral wavelength (nm), and total power (Watts).  

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UV Curing Sources

Industrial sources of UV curing include medium pressure mercury arc and microwave powered lamps, light emitting diodes (LEDs), and spot cure systems. The earliest development work with electrode arc lamps dates back to the 1940s and microwave powered lamps to the 1970s. Both arc and microwave curing technology are widely used in manufacturing today. By comparison, UV LED curing is relatively new with the first devices appearing on the market in the early 2000s. Eminence UV offers complimentary online content for users to better understand the fundamental differences in these systems. Microwave curing system image courtesy of Heraeus.

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UV Curing Applications

Successful UV curing applications require more than simply sourcing a lamp and formulation. There are numerous variables, and everything must work together. Eminence UV provides online information for you to learn about the benefits of UV curing, how to design for integration, and about the types of applications. Eminence UV provides handy conversion charts for applied film and substrate thicknesses, an overview of typical film thicknesses for the various print technologies, and downloadable UV measurement sheets.    

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UV Curing Terminology

Too often we speak the language of the industry without a sufficient understanding of what the specific words mean. In other cases, a word can have different meanings across various markets. This leads to confusion, project delays, and errors in implementation. Eminence UV provides a complimentary consolidated list of UV curing terminology for online review and download.

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UV Curing Videos

While not yet available, Eminence UV will offer a growing list of online videos explaining and demonstrating the concepts of UV curing. Check back regularly for updates.

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Additional Educational Resources

Eminence UV offers web links to additional industry resources on the subject of UV curing. Since manufacturing processes and related technologies are continuously evolving, there is always something more to be learned. A better understanding leads to better business and process decisions.

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